Channel testing tool-donkey short chain

Channel testing tool-donkey short chain

Nowadays, there are more and more channels for interacting with consumers. This requires companies to take into account the user experience of each marketing channel from all dimensions. This also determines that marketers must be able to understand customers buying behavior in a more in-depth manner. , The preferences and characteristics of users in each channel can better achieve marketing goals by formulating personalized marketing plans.

1to1Media's direct marketing survey in 2009 shows that nearly 80% of companies are using multi-channel direct marketing models. And 70% of companies found that when they used multiple marketing channels together, the individual benefits of each marketing channel increased.

Well, I understand it, but how to quantify the personalized needs of users in the form of data is actually difficult to grasp. There are few data tools for channel marketing on the market, and most of them require technical configuration and threshold. Gao, what I recommend today is a channel testing tool with extremely simple operation and very accurate data-donkey short chain.

Here is a specific introduction to the donkey short chain:

1. What does the donkey short chain do? Search for the URL " " in your browser or directly search for " Mao Donkey Short Chain ", you can directly view more specific information about this channel data statistics tool.

2. How to use the donkey short chain? First of all, Donkey Short Chain is a marketing channel test data analysis tool based on link shortening and QR code generation. The specific steps are as follows:

1. Enter or paste your promoted link directly into the input box on the homepage, and click "shorten now" on the right to generate a shortened link. This link can be used as the first link for channel promotion. (It should be noted that the shortened link will automatically jump back to its original link after being clicked. Its function is only to look more beautiful than the original link, and it is less prone to errors when copying.

2. According to the number of promotion channels, repeat the previous step to generate a corresponding channel link for each channel for delivery.

3. If you want to view the user clicks, views and user distribution data of each channel, please register and log in to the official website of Donkey Short Chain to view the data.

In this way, by comparing the data of each channel, you can know which channel or marketing method your product is more suitable for, and helping you understand your users is the first step to achieve efficient marketing.
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Do you think this is over? Donkey short chain actually has more advanced features, including:
1. The original link of the link can be modified at any time, making the promotion of links and QR codes more flexible.
2. The link of the donkey short chain can be personalized and jumped flexibly, allowing it to jump by region, time period and different equipment according to needs.
3. You can borrow the donkey short chain for H5 page A/B testing, as long as the short link is set as a proportional link, the operation method is detailed in the document "How to use the donkey short chain to do A/B test at zero cost" Description.