Complete a personal homepage based on Gitee Pages (test the water)

Complete a personal homepage based on Gitee Pages (test the water)


In other words, when visiting Boiling Point today, it felt very interesting to see a big guy pushing his personal homepage.

I actually want such a good thing. Then open the whole. You need to find the official document first , after all, what is provided by the official is authentic (but some people don t have that taste).

But, something is a good thing, but unfortunately I don't. Gitee recommends 3 static web solutions, Jekyll, Hugo, Hexo, this, coincidentally, I won't. I suddenly thought of the teachers at the university. They seemed to teach static web pages. By coincidence, I didn't seem to go to class.

However, as an adult, the enemy has worked so hard to keep the crystal, and I have to find a way to get rid of it. How can this kind of small problem stop it?

What exactly are Jekyll, Hugo, and Hexo?

Jekyll, Hugo, and Hexo are simple static site production machines in the form of blogs. It has a template directory, which contains documents in original text format, transformed into a complete publishable static website through Markdown and Liquid, and you can publish it on any server you like. Jekyll, Hugo, and Hexo can also run on Pages, that is to say, you can use services to build your warehouse page, blog or website, and it is completely free.

Jekyll use document: Hugo use document: Hexo use document:

Through the tutorials provided by gieee, I read these tutorials,

I think as an adult, you should learn to stop losses in time. Fishing should be more interesting than learning this, right? However, I seem to be able to static web pages?

By the way, blog directory


Anyway, it's fish fishing, as long as you don't learn JAVA, sql, Android, c, ndk and the like, it should be regarded as fish fishing. If you think about it, you will be motivated in an instant. The probability of this fish is higher, it is recommended to read the official document . Follow the steps first.

  • Register a gitee account (if you have an account, skip this step)
  • Create a public project through your own account (personal homepage is private, others can't access it); make sure there is a master branch
  • Find gitee pages in the service of the project and click, and follow the steps to start gitee pages step by step. At this time you have got the domain name of your own personal homepage.
  • Create an index.html file under the corresponding folder (so that access via domain name will not 404)
  • Finally, realize your own homepage through static webpages or blog homepage generation tools such as Jekyll, Hugo, Hexo, etc.
  • Update the completed webpage, and then find gitee pages in the project's service to update your homepage.

Static pages

From the documentation of gitee pages, we can know that in order to create a homepage based on it, the following points are required:

  • Static pages
  • Must include index.html

It is said that as long as the web page does not make a network request, it can be called a static web page? That operability is great. For example, you can download a static web page template from the Internet and modify it yourself. For example, this is a personal homepage I downloaded from Template King:

It can be opened locally. If I did not modify it, I updated it directly to gitee and opened it through the domain name generated by gitee.

Emmmm? It seems to be possible. If the opened webpage is not updated, just clear the browser cache.

Let's take a look at the structure of this page:

Support multiple html structure, css, js, etc. can be put outside. emmmm? vue Is that okay? Is the single-page application provided by vue okay? This needs to be verified by yourself, after all, I don't know this. I looked at the code of this interface, there are too many divs. I don't think I can do it. I should try to use the blog homepage generator tool.

the end

This 2020-09-24 is finished, and it suddenly seems like the three of Jekyll, Hugo, and Hexo have been integrated together. I think it was the diarrhea that day that caused the thinking problem. I didn t update midway because I didn t bring my computer back home after taking leave. Acute gastroenteritis was really fierce. I don t want to chat with my teammates anymore. The recent LOL s10 qualifiers feel that LGD is really crazy.

Thank you for coming. If you think it's okay to troubleshoot, please like it. If you think it's rubbish, please criticize and correct me. The author knows that my writing and expression skills are very weak, and I would be very grateful if you can provide some valuable advice. Thank you.

Today can also be a day full of vitality. The update needs to be reviewed. Updates are usually updated to gitee first.

Blog directory

Personal homepage based on gitee pages This has not been designed yet.