Blockchain software company: the design concept of the underlying technology of the blockchain

Blockchain software company: the design concept of the underlying technology of the blockchain

Regarding the design concept of blockchain technology, the first thing we think of should be the underlying technology of blockchain. I personally think that the underlying technology of the blockchain is not completely open source. I say that many people may disagree with this point of view.

In fact, the most widely used area of blockchain technology in the short term is probably the financial industry. Because the financial industry's regulatory and security control requirements are very high, every project needs to pass the level of review and can be put on the market. Therefore, the application of blockchain technology to the financial field is the most extensive.

In addition, many experts in China have gradually realized the consensus mechanism of blockchain technology that is, its concept of complete decentralization is completely unworkable in the current Chinese market. Therefore, many well-known domestic blocks Chain projects such as Xiaoyi and Jingtong s project development on blockchain technology are all improved versions. Their verification methods for authorized nodes are similar to the ancient Chinese system-the system of the National People's Congress under the representative system.

The Ethereum DAO incident and the Ripple penalty incident that just broke out recently gave us very good enlightenment. In the financial field, it is impossible to fully implement decentralization and anonymity. Financial businesses must implement a real-name system to ensure funds. And the security and reliability of the transaction. As for the application of blockchain technology in practice, it still needs to undergo more tests in the market to mature and truly implement it in human daily life.

The underlying technology of the blockchain is indeed a top-notch technology, but whether it can survive in the current market still needs constant tests, but it is undeniable that blockchain technology is a technology with broad prospects.

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