Xia Xiansen in the coin industry: 1.3 fell for one day, and rose back to five minutes; the road to stay away from the set order in the ups and downs

Xia Xiansen in the coin industry: 1.3 fell for one day, and rose back to five minutes; the road to stay away from the set order in the ups and downs



    6871 7200     7320-7350 7320 7300 7150 

In operation, focus on the top 7320, and below the 7100-7150 line position support.


   1. 7300-7350 7200-7150-7100 

   2. 7100-7150 7250-7300-7350 

Friendly reminder: Operate the wet warehouse to enter the arena, don't be greedy, drop the bag for safety. Pay attention to control risks! Suggestions are for reference only. Intraday market is changeable, and posting is delayed and time-sensitive. For specific operations, please refer to Lao Xia's [btx5495] real-time guidance!

What are the risks of investment?

1. Liquidity risk

This risk is particularly prominent when investors open and close positions. When opening a position, it is difficult for traders to enter the market at the ideal time and price to open a position, and cannot operate as expected. When the market shows a continuous unilateral trend, market liquidity decreases, so that investors cannot close their positions in time and suffer heavy losses.

Therefore, to avoid liquidity risks, investors should choose high-quality investment companies with large market capacity, continuous quotations, high reputation, and complete operating methods.

2. Risk of forced liquidation

In margin trading, when the risk reaches a prescribed level, the company will forcibly close the investor's position. If the market volatility is relatively large, and the investor's margin cannot be replenished within the specified time, the investor may face the risk of forced liquidation.

Therefore, investors should always pay attention to their own capital status when trading, to prevent the forcible liquidation of positions due to insufficient margin, which will cause major losses to themselves.

Specific methods of investment control risk

1. Time control

Shorten the time of holding a position. In the financial market, no matter the size of the risk of your transaction, as long as you do not enter the transaction, there is no risk in the short position. As long as you enter the market, you are facing varying degrees of risk at all times. So controlling the time when you enter the market becomes particularly important.

When we hold a position for a shorter time, the less risk we face; and the longer we hold a position, the greater the risk we face. To reduce risk, it is necessary to shorten the time of holding positions. When your holding time is shortened, your profit target must also be shortened.

2. Position control

1/3 of the funds are used to open positions, and novices less than 20% Once you find that the direction is wrong, stop the loss strictly. The trend is very clear, short-term heavy positions enter the market with 60%-70% positions, fast in and out.

Because everyone's investment experience and professional level are different, the control of positions should also be different. If you are a person with extensive trading experience, when the trend is clear and the odds of winning are relatively high, it is not a big problem to enter the market with a position of 30%-50% in the short-term, and you may make a lot of quick profits. But this premise is to strictly stop loss once the direction is found to be wrong.

3. Stop loss control

Be sure to develop the habit of stop loss after placing the order. Technical control refers to the use of technical analysis tools to conduct comprehensive research and judgment on the market, and then set scientific stop losses to control risks. The goal of stop loss is to lock the maximum loss each time within an acceptable range. Avoid making major losses.

Yesterday s quotation, I believe that many people have been covered in the list. Today I will explain the package. Although I have talked about it many times, some articles list a large number of how to solve the package. What is the use? Unwinding requires a specific real-time unwinding plan based on your capital, point position, position risk rate and market trends, in order to best deal with the deal. For friends who are losing money, Lao Xia also summarized several reasons:

1. The position is too large.

As a result, they dare not stop loss or cut orders, which leads to further expansion of losses and deep sets, or even more serious cases of liquidation.

2. the operation is radical.

The market is eager to enter the market when there is a significant rebound or a long distance from support. As a result, the market will stop loss early for fear of excessive losses during a rebound or callback.

3. Operating profit and loss are not proportional.

This problem seems to be the biggest problem at the moment. When an operation enters the market, the stop loss point is more than the profit point, which is an investment taboo. The market is basically a steady operation, with small gains. But you go against the trend and take the big shots. And more friends can make more than one profit. As a result, he made a few points and was out in a hurry. This is undoubtedly the result of eating meat and not being full, waiting for the knife.

Trading is like being a human being, and investing is also a kind of practice.

Fate does not refuse to come, fate does not stay, it is also a kind of fate to meet and become friends in the vast sea of people. Investment friends who have never met before trust me only because they read my article, so every investment friend who finds me I will give the greatest help to make this trust more valuable. I hope that the next investment will go smoothly, and it will be as comfortable and happy as the spring breeze.