Simple use of page debugging artifact Reveal

Simple use of page debugging artifact Reveal

Reveal is one of the commonly used tools for iOS development. It can perform page debugging during the running of the program. Developers do not need to restart the program, and they can directly perform UI debugging without modifying the code. Isn't it cool? ~Let's see how to use it together~

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#How to integrate To use the Reveal tool, you don't need to add any code, and you don't need to bring in header files. The library will be automatically loaded when the app starts, and the necessary Reveal service will be started inside your app.

Now I assume that you have downloaded the installation package and installed this lovely APP:

Next, open Reveal and find the menu Help->Show Reveal Library in Finder->iOS Library:

There are two files in the iOS Library:

Copy Reveal.framework to your own project directory and add it to the project.

Then, change the target configuration and change Other Linker Flags to: "-ObjC -lz -framework Reveal", as shown in the figure:

After run, the project can be built successfully~ After the simulator or the real machine is fully started, open Reveal and select the project you just ran in the upper left corner:

Now, you can directly modify the UI you want to debug on Reveal, and the effect is immediate.

In addition to the above-mentioned static integration method, Reveal still supports Cocoapods. Everyone may wish to give it a try.

Note: Do not directly officially release the application connected to the Reveal library file. Because of Reveal's review mechanism, many internal information of your application will be exposed, and this will likely cause your application to be rejected by the Apple review team.

#Finally, in addition to debugging your own APP, Reveal can also view other people's APP interface structure. This belongs to the category of reverse engineering. If you are interested in children's shoes, go to Google by yourself. Just talk about simple use and never talk about advanced applications, just sauce.