One line of command, easy to fix the installation experience of Android open source project

One line of command, easy to fix the installation experience of Android open source project

GitHub, as one of the indispensable learning tools for programmers in their work and life, most of the projects on this website do not provide direct downloadable Apk running files for everyone to install and experience. So, usually our approach is like this:

1. Open the GitHub project homepage and find the Url address of the Git repository; 2. Use the Clone command or click the Download button to download to the local; 3. Decompress the Zip file; 4. Open the Android Studio tool and import the project just decompressed; 5. Wait for Gradle's compilation and synchronization process (it may be very long); 6. Click the Run button to run the project; 7. Select the device to be run; 8. Hands-on experience function; 9. Manually delete the Zip and decompressed project files.

This is a series of essential and very tedious process. In fact, we just want to install and experience the results of the project operation, but we have done a lot of unnecessary and meaningless work.

If I told you that there is a tool that can easily accomplish the above work with a single line of code through a command line tool, would you look forward to it?

DryRun , an open source tool developed in Ruby language, can really do this.

You only need to obtain the Url warehouse address of the test project, simply execute a line of code, easily run the project, install the apk file to the adb connected device. such as:


The name DryRun is also very interesting, and it really solves a major pain point of our Android programmers using GitHub. You can call it dry running rough and affectionately .

It is simple and rude to use, and easy to install. Use the standard package command Gem provided by the Ruby language to install it:

gem install dryrun

Wait for the download and installation to complete. Then all you need to do is to check and configure the ANDROID_HOME system environment variable. DryRun needs to know where your Android SDK is installed.

Open the command line tool and use the following command to configure the ANDROID_HOME environment variable: (note that you should modify the SDK path to the actual installation path of your own computer)

echo export "ANDROID_HOME=/Users/yourName/Library/Android/sdk" >> ~/.bash_profile

After the configuration is complete, restart the command line tool to make it effective. Use the echo command to view the configuration:


If there is no problem with the configuration, then you can happily start using the dryrun command to get all the Android open source projects on the GitHub website.

How can you miss such an efficient development tool. The address of DryRun's GitHub project homepage is:

This article has introduced the DryRun usage process very clearly, including the problems you may encounter. Go and install and experience it, it can really save you a lot of time.

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