Tutorial and summary of ADB toolkit installation under WIN10--201809

Tutorial and summary of ADB toolkit installation under WIN10--201809

  1. ADB (Android Debug Bridge) is a tool in the Android SDK. Using ADB, you can directly operate and manage Android emulators or real Andriod devices. The main functions of ADB are:

    • Run Shell (command line) on Android device
    • Manage port mapping for emulators or devices
    • Upload/download files between computer and device
    • Install the local APK software on the computer to the Android emulator or device
  2. There are many tutorials on the Internet, but some tutorials have deviations. The following is only the installation of adb under win10, not including the huge SDK. The following is a tutorial that can be used for pro-testing: adb installation tutorial address

  3. After completing the above operations, if you cannot execute the adb command, you can consider clicking the exe file in order.

  4. After that, there are three ways to run adb commands

    • You can shift+right click in the blank space, click "Open Powershell window here" to enter the command window, and start executing the command with ./adb;
    • Open the CMD window, cd into the path of the ADB installation file, and enter "adb";
    • Before entering "adb" directly through the cmd window, the display is as follows, which is similar to the reason that no soft link is created under Linux, so you need to set the environment variable: adb configuration environment variable tutorial address Note that the variable value is followed by a semicolon ";".
  5. Connect usb to your mobile phone and run the code directly:

  6. Connection under the same wifi: Android uses WIFI to establish an ADB connection. If the office is offline, consider restarting the adb service: adb kill-server adb start-server