What is the experience of being a host at D2?

What is the experience of being a host at D2?

Some thoughts

In 17 years, as an intern, I participated in a D2 as a volunteer in the sign-in group in Xixi Park. When I saw the news of this year s D2 event, with the mentality of getting to know the big guys and saving money on tickets (crossed out), I couldn t help but register again. I was notified on 11.19 and became a volunteer of the host group , I was very worried at the time. As the boss of the host group, Miss Baibatian has done a lot of overall planning work, and she likes it.

In order to gather the string of words of the host manuscript together, the three hosts rushed to Binjiang from three different parks and did two drills. On the night before D2, I made a host card with everyone, familiarized myself with the venue environment and debugging equipment, and was busy until 3 in the morning. Wake up at 6:30 the next morning and go to the venue to confirm the final details with his partner and the master of the sound console. The more I got to the beginning, the more nervous I was. When the big round heart finished speaking, when I started the meeting process, I suddenly became calm. There were some small episodes in the process, and there was still an unpredictable passing, and finally I said D2 When I see you next year, I feel relieved. During the lunch break, I also took a photo with teacher Winter. The Northeast accent is very cute.

About the topic

The morning session in Hall 3 was a special session for the micro front end. The site was very popular and there were no seats available. There were many students standing and listening on both sides and back of the venue.

The first is "New Cloud Ecology Species-Micro Front-end Architecture System" shared by Zhang Kejun. The content is rich and detailed. The idea of cloud + terminal development model is exciting, and the personal charm of Kejun is beyond doubt. Regrettably, I was a little nervous during the first session, and I didn't give you more time to ask questions during the QA session.

The second session is "The Practice of Standard Micro Front End Architecture in Ants" shared by @ . It can be found that everyone has a lot of similarities in the thinking and practice of micro front ends, and at the same time there are more technical details. Quietly, there are 60 pages of the PPT of the wise man, and the content is well prepared.

The third session is "Micro Front End Sandbox System" shared by @ . Compared with the previous large and comprehensive solution, this sharing can be said to be aimed at the micro front end isolation scenario, and is analogous to concepts such as docker and operating system. It's refreshing.

The afternoon session is a special session in diverse fields, which is a more vertical and niche field than other venues.

The first one is "Exploring the Road to JavaScript Development in IoT Devices" shared by @ . It is a hardcore sharing. In addition to the architecture diagram, the actual code is used to explain, and the questions raised by the students on the spot are also very in-depth.

The second session is "The Principles and Practice of Collaborative Editing" shared by @ . It focuses on the analysis of the architecture evolution of the current collaborative editing scene under Dingding. Through many illustrations, it vividly explains the respective OT algorithms. Principles and applicable scenarios, QA links are equally witty, and the technical background is very deep.

The third is an animation show jointly performed by the @Guido and @Luigi twin brothers, who are responsible for design and development respectively. Designers can use online tools to quickly output rich dynamic effects that can be run in real time. Developers' access costs are very low, and they can be used in their own applications with simple configuration. I also chatted with them for a while before I started. I was very easy-going and humorous. I also brought some customized T-shirts and stickers to the students who asked questions on the spot. I strongly recommend everyone to learn about rive.app/

The last one was "H265 Player Based on Wasm and Its Application in NOW Live Broadcast" brought by @ . It explained the technical thinking behind the familiar live broadcast application, and almost drove a car (dog head) on the spot.

Because I didn't have enough sleep, I concentrated on the whole day, and I really didn't stand up in the evening. I hurried home. It was a bit regretful that I couldn't see the big guys in the evening.

last of the last

The overall preparation time for D2 is more than three months, during which a lot of excellent organizers and volunteer students participated, and it feels so good for everyone to share their hearts. Every guest's sharing is full of dry goods. We are also actively summing up some of the problems encountered during the conference, hoping to inject different vitality and experience into D2 next year. (I will come again next year!

commercial time

The Spring Recruitment of 2021 interns is about to begin, and there are also a large number of HCs in social recruitment. Students who are willing to change jobs can pay attention to them. You can interview before and after the year. I will help follow up the whole process. Base Beijing/Hangzhou can be used.

My email is yeshu.lrt@alibaba-inc.com, or you can contact me via WeChat privately.

We are the front-end team of the sales management department of Alibaba Cloud Intelligent Business Group. As the "dual kidney" of Cloud Intelligence, we are responsible for Alibaba Cloud official website & marketing, commercialization process construction experience and efficiency, horizontal cross-selling capabilities, and Alibaba Cloud ecological capabilities. .

Technically, we have the open source tool Dawn as the project engineering process orchestration; we are constantly exploring the efficiency and efficiency that Serverless brings to end developers, and precipitate the ability to achieve independent NoOps applications, to achieve business capacity building in vertical fields, and Many constructions based on technology to improve efficiency, such as visual construction system, process engine, middle and backstage lowCode development, etc.

There are many battlefields and possibilities in the field of ToB, and we look forward to your joining.