What are the linux systems

What are the linux systems

What are the common Linux operating systems?

The Linux operating system was born on October 5, 1991 (. There are many different Linux versions of Linux, but they all use the Linux kernel. Linux can be installed in various computer hardware devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, routers, Video game consoles, desktop computers, mainframes and supercomputers.

Here we take a look!

1. Veket system

The veket system currently includes the veket-x86 platform system and the portable system, as well as the netbook system, corresponding to the veket-8 system, veket-7 system and veket-5 system. After testing, veket-7 and veket-5 are relatively perfect in use. Veket-8 is currently in the testing period and may not be functionally stable.

2. Ubunto system

This system, also known as the Ubantu system, is also a Linux operating system based on desktop applications. The system is divided into cloud platform, server version and desktop version. You can select the corresponding version according to your needs. The latest version of the desktop version seems to be Ubuntu 13.10 version, installed on the virtual machine, it's not bad.

3. Fedora system

This system is also a good operating system based on linux. The interface is more beautiful, and the installation file may be relatively large. You can try it.

4. Kylin operating system

This is a domestically produced and controllable linux-based operating system. It is also relatively complete in terms of functions. There are 32-bit and 64-bit systems. Friends who want to try can download and install it.

5. Rain forest tree wind os system

This system claims to look like the linux operating system of win xp. Try to imitate the interface of win xp system in terms of usage habits. For those who are not accustomed to linux system, you can try this. The version can be considered 3.0/4.0/5.0/6.0.

6. In addition, there are some other systems, such as Debian system, Elementary os system, CentOS system, ALT linux, Makulu system, openSUSE system, pearlOS system, RedHat, etc. These systems have their own characteristics, such as Elementary, which is novel and beautiful in interface . You can also choose to try.