A powerful and free online photo editing tool

A powerful and free online photo editing tool

Support image compression, image file size adjustment, image cropping, image format conversion, image editing, image watermarking, dynamic image creation, image rotation, HTML to image conversion. Website: www.iloveimg.com/

Add watermark to picture

Supports adding watermarks to pictures in batches, and the position of the watermark only needs to be adjusted, and the positions of other pictures will be automatically adjusted to the appropriate position. Compared with the automatic batch processing of adding watermarks in ps, the function of adding watermarks is more intelligent (automatic batch adding watermarks in ps The location is not uniform).

Picture editing

It supports operations such as adding text, adjusting size, filters, and some custom images to the picture.

Picture cropping

Support free cutting, custom width, height, custom position.

Image Compression

For image compression, it is often encountered that the image is distorted after compression. This tool will compress the picture to the smallest possible extent while maintaining the quality of the picture.

Web page to picture

According to the entered URL, it will be automatically converted into a picture, and the saving format of the picture can be customized.

PDF processing

The website also supports the operation of the PDF scene, which is powerful and free.

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