Southeast University graduation thesis latex template

Southeast University graduation thesis latex template

Southeast University graduation thesis latex template

Thanks to the template provided by seuthesix , this warehouse is based on its secondary processing and processing, and the warehouse address .

Recommended editor

windows : Texstudio

mac : MacTeX

File description

The main configuration files are described as follows:

  • seuthesix.cls: core configuration file
  • seuthesix.cfg: load this configuration file when seuthesix.cls is running
  • seuthesix.bst: style file
  • seuthesix.bib: Bibliographic citation storage file

Most of the other files are generated by compilation. If you want to create your own project, just copy these four main files and the picture directory.

The catalog description is as follows:

  • seu-bachelor: Undergraduate TODO
  • seu-master: Postgraduate Master
  • seu-engineering: postgraduate master
  • seu-phd: PhD
  • rules.pdf: The format of the postgraduate thesis of Southeast University

Common problems and solutions

  • Chinese bolding problem

    Two solutions are currently known:

    (1) Modify the *.tex file header/documentclass[algorithmlist, figurelist,tablelist, nomlist, masters]{seuthesix} to join AutoFakeBold, that is,/documentclass[algorithmlist, AutoFakeBold, figurelist,tablelist, nomlist, masters]{seuthesix}

    (2) Modify the TeXstudio compiler, lualatex compiles once, and then compiles with pdflatex. The method to modify the compiler is as follows: Options -> Set TeXstudio, as shown in the figure below:

  • Trouble with writing forms

    Recommended tool: Latex form code online generator, link

  • The picture is not clear after zooming in

    It is recommended to draw the picture with PPT, Excel or Visio, then convert to pdf, crop, and then convert to eps. Recommended tool: Adobe Acrobat, very convenient. Proceed as follows:

    1. Use ppt or visio to draw a good picture
    2. Create a new ppt file with only one page, copy the drawn picture to the current ppt (try to keep the picture in the center), and then export it to pdf
    3. Use Adobe Acrobat to open the pdf, edit the pdf->crop the page (try to keep the same spacing, don t leave too much blank), then press Enter to confirm
    4. File -> Go everywhere -> Embedded postscript

    The picture is generated. Of course, you can also directly generate eps using other professional tools such as matlab.

  • Formula writing

    Commonly used symbol Latex representation method: link

    Latex Mathematical Formula Online Editor: Link

  • More blank pages problem

    Because the template restricts parity pages, extra blank pages are generated. The blank page can be removed by the following command:

    \let\cleardoublepage\clearpage %  

    Put it before the chapter command, or/begin{abstract}, etc. can also be used.

  • other problems

    Basic problems can be searched for solutions, make good use of search engines.


  1. seuthesix

  2. SEUThesis