Chrome-inspect online debugging method

Chrome-inspect online debugging method

chrome://inspect/#devices A remote debugging command built into chrome to meet several necessary conditions for remote debugging

1. Be able to access (the computer can/*flip\*wall, and remote debugging needs to obtain data from this connection);

The blue light lantern is recommended for the over-the-wall software, which is effective in pro-testing (github search, download and install)

2. The phone turns on the usb debugging mode;

3. Allow the computer to access the mobile phone (If the mobile phone cannot be connected, please download the mobile assistant of each brand of mobile phone to connect);

4. The network of mobile phones and computers must be unified

1. Open chrome://inspect/#devices on PC

The phone is successfully connected, and the following screen will appear

2. Click inspect

The following interface appears

Replace the part before the question mark in the url with your own IP and port to debug the local project code

For example: . .