7 interesting projects to improve development ability, come and experience quickly

7 interesting projects to improve development ability, come and experience quickly

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After a thousand days of training, people can reach the entry level, and after 10,000 days of practice, they can reach the master level.

This sentence was said by Mas Oyama, and it was summed up very well. The secret to becoming a great developer is hard work. Spending a lot of time to practice the computer, hands-on practice can help developers grow.

This article introduces 7 projects that can be tried, which can help improve the level of developers.

Project 1: Pac-Man

Building Pac-Man can provide a good understanding of the basic knowledge of game development. You can use JavaScript frameworks such as React or Vue to achieve this.

You will learn:

Physical movement

Button detection

Impact checking

If you work hard, you can also learn to add navigation to the virtual target

GitHub repository: https://github.com/mbfassnacht/pacman-react

Project 2: User Management

Make a CRUD application to realize user management. In the process, you can learn a lot of basic knowledge about development. This is especially useful for developers who are getting started.

What you will learn:


Process forms and validate user input

Create, read, update, delete and other operations combined with the database

GitHub repository: https://github.com/indreklasn/laravel-5.4-crud-example

Project 3: Monitoring the local weather

GitHub repository: https://github.com/SwiftTsubame/iOS11Weather

If you want to start building an application, you can start with the weather application, which saves a lot of time.

In addition to gaining experience in building applications, you can also learn:

Interact with API

Use of positioning

Increase flexibility by adding text input, such as the user can enter a location to view the weather in that location

Weather data can be obtained on the OpenWeather API.

More information on OpenWeather API: https://openweathermap.org/api

Item 4: Dialog

Constructing a dialog box is very suitable for beginners of sockets. There are many different options when choosing a technology stack, and Node.js is one of them.

The biggest gain of this project is that you can learn how sockets work and how to create them.

Project 5: GitLab CI

Image source: https://vshn.ch/en/blog/automated-build-pipelines-with-gitlab-ci-and-appuio/

Newbies to continuous integration (CI) can start with GitLab CI. Set up multiple environments and try to run some tests in the pipeline. This project is not very onerous, but I believe you will learn a lot. Many development teams now use CI, it is a suitable tool.

What you will learn:

Understand GitLab CI

Configure a .gitlab-ci.yml to send instructions to the GitLab runner

Deploy other environments

Project 6: Website Analysis

Make a crawler that analyzes website semantics and create rankings for them. For example, you can check whether the alt tag is missing on the image, check whether there is an SEO meta tag on the page, and even crawl without creating a UI.

What you will learn:

How the crawler works

Make DOM selectors

Write algorithm

If you work hard, you can learn to create a UI and write a report for the crawled website

Project 7: Research on emotions in social media

Image source: https://www.csc2.ncsu.edu/faculty/healey/tweet_viz/

Studying emotions in social media can be a great help in understanding machine learning.

You can start by studying a social media platform, and Twitter is a typical entry point.

Developers with more machine learning experience can try to mine different social media platforms and then integrate these data.

What you will learn:

Master machine learning

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