The future QA test engineer

The future QA test engineer

The rapid growth of software testing and programming projects has left QA with no choice but to replace manual operations with more effective automation solutions. The IT field is rapidly developing towards automation software technology. As more and more companies adopt agile methods and apply DevOps, quality assurance is no longer the pre-launch stage. It runs through the entire product life cycle.

In the future, five years and ten years from now, what kind of role will software test engineers play? Let me share some internal discussions of the group.

AI test engineer

The recent "World Quality Report" pointed out that 64% of companies plan to apply artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to quality assurance strategies. In addition. QA engineers not only have to test product functions, but also add a lot of work content.

Business strategy. AI test engineers will be directly responsible for implementing AI solutions during the company's life cycle. A broad understanding of data flow, mathematical algorithms, and robotics will help the quality inspection team make their "smart" assistants contribute to product goals.

Data and algorithms. The analysis part of the QA test engineer is to build machine learning paradigms, data filtering and predictive analysis to build AI-based models.

Machine learning control. This is a pattern recognition technology focused on the back-end, which has effectively tested the user interface and improved the UX.

The above work content does not require a dedicated internal quality inspection team. However, it requires an AI test engineer to monitor performance and make improvements.

Generally, AI cooperation requires diversification of mathematical optimization, neural language programming, business intelligence, and machine learning data skills, which are all necessary skills to become an AI test engineer.

product engineer

QA faces new challenges, and this is the second emerging role in the QA tester job list. Because quality assurance engineers have a deep understanding of how to deliver the best software. They repeatedly analyze the software, and then use appropriate methods to make the product more user-like.

New systems have become more and more complex, and software testing has shifted its focus from component testing to overall system evaluation. Therefore, a quality assurance engineer in a leading position will control the product as a whole, not just the quality of software functions.

Customer Experience Engineer

Most online businesses have turned to personalization, and user experience is increasingly important. A quality inspection tester knows the principle of customer first, and meeting customer needs is usually the top priority of a customer-oriented company. Therefore, QA as a user role will gain popularity in the future.


The rapid development of the IT software industry has diversified the expertise of the testing community. Quality inspection is no longer the final inspection stage of software development; it assumes a leading quality assurance role, has new requirements for user experience and product capabilities, and is moving towards the adoption of intelligent testing technology.

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