AirBuddy for Mac (AirPods headset management tool) v2.1

AirBuddy for Mac (AirPods headset management tool) v2.1

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1. Simple operation

The operation of AIrBuddy is very very simple. Just make sure to check it after starting. You can also choose to let it support other W1 chip headsets, and choose the screen position of the notification window when connecting to AIrPods.

2. Real-time power

Connect the notification of Beats Studio headset, you can also see the real-time power of the headset.

AIrBuddy can also display the battery status of your Mac, various headsets, including AIrPods Case in the notification center Widget.

You can even see the battery level of AIrPods in iStat.

3. Automatic connection

When you open the AIrPods box and take out the earphones, AIrBuddy will pop up a card window to connect your earphones. AIrBuddy also supports the connection of all Bluetooth headsets that use the W1 chip, such as Beats products. You only need to enable this option in the settings.