Use React + Antd to build a blog background system

Use React + Antd to build a blog background system

Blog background management

The project address of the blog front desk:


The blog background management is implemented based on React + Antd. Antd is indeed very suitable for the development of middle and back-end applications. There are a lot of components that can be used, a very React UI library.

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Technology stack

  • react
  • ant-design: UI library based on React
  • axios: asynchronous request
  • react-router-dom: front-end routing
  • redux: manage the entire application data
  • redux-thunk: redux middleware, mostly used to process asynchronous actions
  • styled-components: A kind of CSS in JS, which makes it possible to write native CSS in JS

Realized function

  • [x] Blog addition, deletion, modification, and check
  • [x] Additions and deletions of categories and labels
  • [x] Write a blog
  • [x] Change resume


  • [] markdown online editor
  • [ ] searching feature


login interface


Edit blog

Post a blog

Label management