Understand the ball Emperor X Qiniuyun: pure fun football meets simple and reliable technology

Understand the ball Emperor X Qiniuyun: pure fun football meets simple and reliable technology

64 games

32 teams

1 Hercules Cup

1 billion views

If only three words are used to summarize this summer, then these three words must be "World Cup."

From the fame of the young player Golovin on the field to the overwhelming "panic" emoticons outside the field, the World Cup is not only a carnival for fans, but also a festival for everyone. Do you know the ball? Don't you understand the ball? Niudushe will start with this "Knowing Ball Emperor", who knows how to understand the ball, and interpret the "World Cup" in the world of technology for you.

Content is king, everyone can become a "knowledge of the ball"

The child sits on the football, with his back to the camera, watching the green field in front of him-this is the opening screen of the king of the ball. This scene, together with the phrase "remember the childhood dream?", shows us knowing the ball The original intention of Emperor Chen Cong's entrepreneurial intention: "To do this is to realize my football dream, and to provide fans with a mobile community that can solve all their needs."

With this original intention, Yu Qiu Di has been focusing on the football field to meet the needs of fans for content. In just five years, it has rapidly grown from an emerging App to an authoritative football media preferred by millions of fans. Knowing the ball not only provides concise and lively football information, but also provides timely match reviews and in-depth articles. At the same time, the rich and informative data column also provides users with comprehensive and professional data to the greatest extent, so that every user can become a "knowledge of the ball". Up to now, the number of registered users of Dengqiu Di has approached 40 million. During the World Cup, the highest number of downloads in a single day exceeded one million, and the peak daily activity reached 11 million.

It can be said that the rich and high-quality content crowned the king of knowing the ball and made it stand out in the industry competition among the crowds.

In the data arena, Qiniuyun offers perfect assists

Behind the rich content and detailed information is a vast array of data. How to achieve high-speed storage of hundreds of millions of graphic and video content? In the face of frequent use by nearly 40 million users, how to ensure stability and smoothness? These are all the technical problems faced by Qiu Di, and they are also the value that Qiniu Cloud can provide.

The hundreds of millions of files in the world under the circumstance meet the diversification of content, and at the same time, it also poses a challenge to storage. Qiniu Cloud, which has core technologies in the field of massive cloud storage systems, has firmly maintained its leading position in the storage industry. In the face of massive files, Qiniu Cloud's erasure code storage solution and metadata cluster based on public cloud storage can support remote active-active, cross-regional synchronization, and provide users with industry-leading reliability. At the same time, Qiniu Cloud Storage can be closely coordinated with other products to meet the needs of various business scenarios and provide one-stop data management services.

In the face of the access needs of nearly 40 million users, coupled with the high concurrency during the game period, Qiniu Cloud Fusion CDN can ensure that the Qiu Di can respond calmly. On the basis of traditional CDN, Qiniu Cloud Fusion CDN has realized further optimization of data network acceleration. It can not only serve the audio and video on-demand and Web acceleration of Guodi, but also through comprehensive CDN quality monitoring and intelligent and easy-to-use acceleration Node scheduling and other functions. Based on Qiniu's own IP library, combined with network-wide downtime and performance monitoring, the intelligent integrated scheduling system is developed to support DNS, HttpDNS, and IP302 scheduling methods, optimize node performance, and achieve 100% real-time scheduling and precise control. To ensure the continuity of the service of GDK, and provide users with stable and fast network access quality.

Understand the vast amount of high-quality content of Qiu Di, which is perfectly presented to users through the empowerment of Qiniu cloud storage and integrated CDN technology, just like a team of champions with complete tactics and tacit cooperation, and jointly present a smooth and gorgeous green feast for everyone.

In response to the times, fully empower the new media industry

From "watching the game in front of the TV" to now "watching the live broadcast anytime, anywhere", with the development and change of content formats, the new media industry's demand for technology has also undergone tremendous changes. In the face of such demands, Qiniu Cloud will act accordingly. It can not only provide users with high-quality cloud storage services, but also provide users with value in data processing, live cloud, artificial intelligence and other aspects.

Take Qiniu Live Cloud as an example. Due to the rapid development of new media, complex information sources put forward higher requirements on the collection terminal. Qiniu Live Cloud is compatible with multiple collection terminals, multiple network environments and multi-camera live sources, and supports Live events, large-scale shows, large-scale concerts, and other real-time video streams are included. After the video stream is transcoded and packaged in multiple formats, relying on the global real-time streaming network, the delay will be reduced to ten milliseconds, bringing users a sense of lag-free interaction, greatly improving user experience, and helping enterprises to seize opportunities in the new media industry , Won the first place.

Customer Says | Qiniu Cloud x Understand the Ball Emperor [Click to watch the video]

Qiniu Cloud is based on the capabilities of storage, distribution, processing, audio and video cloud, artificial intelligence, content recognition, big data analysis, etc. accumulated over the years, combined with service operation experience, carefully created a one-stop solution, not only in new media and social networking The wide application of the platform also injects new impetus into the transformation and development of the traditional radio and television industry.

The World Cup competition on the green field is about to come to an end, but the smoke on the technical field is endless. Qiniu Cloud has always been committed to providing simple and reliable services, striving to shorten the distance from ideas to products, and empowering the industry with technology. We look forward to working with more outstanding industry partners to jointly promote the vigorous development of the new media industry.

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