I use open source tools to write a letter of apology to my girlfriend

I use open source tools to write a letter of apology to my girlfriend

It was another evening with a coke and my son-in-law. My girlfriend and I were comfortably nestled on the sofa, giggling while watching the drama.

Actually, I don't like watching this kind of drama very much, but in order to accompany my girlfriend, I still enjoy it. Maybe because of the long-term 996, my brain has been broken.

Just when my girlfriend laughed and shouted that it was so sweet, I said to her with the expression of grandpa on the map looking at the phone:

The male and female masters are not worthy, why is it sweet?

After I said it, I regretted it. I really owed it.

The girlfriend was immediately unhappy when she heard this, and said: Why don't you deserve it, it's a good match!

He also said: You clearly said that you want to watch a show with me, and now you say this again, you are lying to me and don't want to accompany me at all!

He also said: Do you think there are other things that lie to me? There must be!

I knew that my girlfriend said one thing was another. Of course, she just made a mistake that all women in the world would make.

So, I immediately apologized, coaxed and deceived, and said: No, I really like to watch this kind of drama with you, after all, it is not easy to watch cool dramas in life!

My girlfriend seemed to be really angry, but she didn't even ask me if she was really crying as usual. Instead, he said sternly: No, you must apologize well today, and you copy "I was wrong" 1,000 times tomorrow, so that I can forgive you!

When I heard this, I was so angry that I stood up and hit backhand...

I turned on githup with my backhand. I thought it would be very hard to go to work every day. I was wrong when I had time to handwrite, but suddenly I remembered an open source library that seemed to be able to turn text into handwriting. You can give it a try.

Success is github, and failure is pornhub. It is worthwhile.

Search and search, finally found it, and share it with everyone. After all, it is not easy to find a girlfriend, but it is still easy for a girlfriend to get angry, save everyone.

Two code base address github.com/saurabhdawa...

Language used

The third-party library used is html2canvas-Turns DOM into Canvas. html2canvas is used to convert dom elements into canvas.

jsPDF-To generate PDF from images. jsPDF, using images as prototypes to generate corresponding PDF files.

cypress-Testing Library. cypress, automated testing library.

serve-Start local server. serve, used to start local server.

The use process looked at the use document, the author is very intimate to provide an online address for use, I don't need to set up the environment.

The address is: saurabhdaware.github.io/text-to-han...

It is also very simple to use.

On the left is the input box, and on the right are various customized configurations, for example, you can upload your own font, font size, font color, etc.

I looked at it, and basically it just needs me to find a Chinese font.

I downloaded a font that I think fits (zui) and fits (chuo), then the script traverses to generate 1000 which I am wrong, and copy them to the input box, and then everything is done.

I can't help but sigh, I can't say that this operation is perfect, I can only say that it is very witty. I even felt that I could write 100 million "I was wrong" to show my loyalty. Well, as long as I wait until I go to work tomorrow, I will send the pictures to my girlfriend, it is another good day.


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