IDEA latest detailed cracking tutorial (can't I buy you a genuine version)

IDEA latest detailed cracking tutorial (can't I buy you a genuine version)

With the release of IDEA's 2020 version, many new and optimized features have been added and optimized. Today, Chen will not talk about the new features, but will talk about how to crack it permanently.

How to crack?

The cracking process is very simple, basically foolish, the process is as follows.

1. Download and install

  • Download IDEA 2020.1 from the official website and do it yourself Baidu.
  • After the installation is successful, start IDEA, choose to try to start IDEA.

Download the crack package


Extraction code: t56d

Start cracking

Drag the jetbrains-agent.jar file directly into the idea interface with the mouse, and then restart or confirm it all the way. Don't pay attention to any drag and drop failures in the middle, just click OK directly.

After the restart is successful, the following interface will pop up, click directly to install for IDEA,

Continue to click Yes to install,

Verify whether the crack is successful

According to the above steps, 99% of the possible cracks are successful. At this time, open IDEA and click help->Register to check whether the cracking is successful.

The activation code inside is automatically filled in after restarting. If you can't find the ACTIVATION_CODE.txt under the downloaded compressed file lib, change the activation code or check the README.pdf help.


So far, IDEA 2020 has been successfully cracked. According to the steps of Lao Wei, 99% of my friends promised to be able to crack successfully.