CentOS system deployment ShowDoc

CentOS system deployment ShowDoc

This article records how to deploy ShowDoc document management system on CentOS system. We will use Docker for installation.

ShowDoc introduction

ShowDoc is an online document sharing tool that is very suitable for IT teams. It can speed up the efficiency of communication between teams.

What can it be used for

  • API documentation ( see Demo )
    • With the development of the mobile Internet, BaaS (backend as a service) is becoming more and more popular. The server provides API, and the APP or web front end can easily call the data. Use ShowDoc to write beautiful API documents very conveniently and quickly.
  • Data Dictionary ( View Demo )
    • A good data dictionary can easily explain your database structure to others, such as the definition of each field.
  • Documentation ( see Demo )
    • You can use showdoc to write instructions for some tools, and you can also write some technical specification documents for the team to review.

Docker installation

Log in to the local server, switch to the root user, and use the following command to install.

 yum install docker 

The startup command to start the Docker service is as follows.

service docker start 

The command to set the Docker service to start on boot is as follows.

chkconfig docker on 

Install Git

With the help of yum command, install git installation command as shown below.

yum install git 

Install ShowDoc and copy the code from GitHub to a local directory, where you enter the test folder in the root directory.


git clone -o gitbug https://github.com/star7th/showdoc

Enter the ShowDoc directory to start the installation

cd showdoc/    

docker build -t showdoc ./    

docker run -d --name showdoc -p 4999  80 showdoc

Visit ShowDoc

Enter the URL in the browser , open the page, and enter the installation steps.

Pay attention to replace the IP address and port number with the IP address of the user's own server

Select the language (default is Chinese), click the "OK" button, a prompt box for successful installation will pop up.


Backup API documents are very important documents and need to be backed up regularly.

/XXX/showdoc/SqliteThere is a showdoc.db.php file below , which can be backed up regularly. The user can use the manual command to back up, use the following mv command.


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