Some experience and experience sharing on data visualization design

Some experience and experience sharing on data visualization design

Speaking of data visualization, it was an emerging niche industry in the past few years. However, with the vigorous development of the big data industry, many companies have gradually discovered the practicality and convenience of data visualization, so data visualization design has gradually become a hot topic. Many of my friends are just getting in touch with data visualization, and feel confused when facing the needs of customers and don't know where to start. So let me share with you my understanding of data visualization and some experience sharing in design~

1. Basic concepts

What is large-screen data visualization?

Large-screen data visualization is a data visualization design with large-screen as the main display carrier. With cool dynamic effects, rich colors, and visual impact, the large screen directly leaves a shocking impression on the look and feel, which is convenient for creating some unique atmosphere and creating a sense of ceremony. And what we are talking about now is the design of data visualization on the large screen of data visualization. Visualization software similar to Alibaba Cloud DataV, Tencent Cloud Atlas, Baidu Sugar, and Dengguo Visualization can help you make better visualization large screens.

2. Large-screen data visualization design process

Just as a novelist likes to write a good outline before writing a book, the design of a large screen also requires a standardized design process, and a standardized design process is the guarantee of a good large screen. Develop a reference process, and then fill in the details one by one, you can avoid a lot of unnecessary rework, which can not only ensure the quality of the design, but also increase the speed of the project progress.

3. design considerations

Extract the key indicators in the business scenario based on the information provided by the customer, extract the key indicators based on the information provided by the customer, and draw up the priority of each indicator display (primary, secondary, auxiliary) based on business needs

According to the key indicator information, use the appropriate visualization chart

Determine the size of the large screen, good layout is half the battle, integrate the design elements you want to choose from the extracted information, and choose the corresponding color and font

4. Large screen design (picture from the official website of Dengguo Visualization)

Summary: Data visualization is a huge system of science. All discussions in this article only focus on the specific field of large-screen data visualization. If you have any omissions or shortcomings, please discuss and exchange ideas~