[Cloud Weekly] Issue 154: What difficulties are still facing the "blockchain technology revolution" in Moments of Friends?

[Cloud Weekly] Issue 154: What difficulties are still facing the "blockchain technology revolution" in Moments of Friends?

What kind of difficulties are still facing the "blockchain technology revolution" in the circle of friends? The Spring Festival is coming again! Alibaba will help you grab tickets, a picture to learn the best path for database migration to the cloud, and 8 ways to implement linear regression with Python. Which method is the most efficient? ...More exciting content, all in Cloud Weekly!

Headlines of this issue

What kind of difficulties are still facing the "blockchain technology revolution" in the circle of friends?

On the evening of January 9, the circle of friends screened Xu Xiaoping s prediction that the blockchain revolution is coming. This is a great revolution in which those who follow us will prosper and those who oppose us will die . For blockchain technology and industry analysis, the 161-page "2017 Chinese Developers Survey Report" just released by Yunqi Community has an in-depth analysis of the blockchain project. We want to remind everyone: these problems or difficulties need to be resolved quickly, and more development forces are needed! Click to view.

Technical dry goods

A picture to learn the best path for database migration

The traditional architecture focuses on the high availability of hardware. The cloud platform has ensured the high availability of its own services through the distributed architecture, and integrates a series of basic operation and maintenance services such as backup, monitoring, HA, and audit. The cloud platform uses directly available services. It is provided in a way that the user can purchase it at any time and is available at any time. There is no need to consider a series of tedious underlying operation and maintenance, and the user can focus more on business research and development. This article takes the application system based on Oracle database to go to the cloud as an example. How to choose a suitable going to cloud solution according to actual needs and different application characteristics? After understanding the following picture, you can find the most suitable overall migration path for your application system to the cloud, click to view.

community activity

[Coordinates Hangzhou] Alibaba Cloud API Innovation Application Competition

In the first API competition, Alibaba Cloud practiced the API economy in a narrow sense. In the first stage, excellent API services such as intelligent identification of plants and flowers, intelligent vehicle identification, and document-to-length-image identification, etc. appeared, and they have become partners in the Alibaba Cloud API market. In the second stage, many excellent solutions based on API services emerged. In the context of the broad API economy, this competition invites participants to connect products and services through API to make their own application innovations. Why is it narrow? The broad API economy is not just API as a service, that is, data, and tools. API, as the red blood cell in the cloud era, has a greater role in system docking, application cascading, and service cascading. Developers, university teachers and students (individual or team) can sign up! Click to sign up.

Exclusive video

[Entrepreneurship Lecture] Two entrepreneurships, new tricks of singing

At present, mobile karaoke is in the hot market, and the competition is very fierce. The comprehensive mobile karaoke platform that merges the attributes of karaoke tools and social attributes is loved by more and more users. At this stage, the user scale and core business of mobile karaoke applications tend to be stable, and exploring commercial monetization channels based on platform user traffic and business associations has become the core issue of mobile karaoke platforms. Facing the subversive upgrade and transformation of traditional KTV, can Singba cater to the consumer demand of Internet users? In the Internet + KTV era of mobile karaoke applications, can it really create the ultimate experience for users? How does the founder Mr. Chen Hua stand out in the blue ocean market of music applications? Click to view.

Wonderful live broadcast

[2018 KNOWLEDGE EVENT] 15 big coffees share live broadcast, analyze NoSQL databases in all directions

At the beginning of 2018, the Alibaba Cloud database team will bring you a unique knowledge event. 15 big names will gather in the Yunqi community and bring 18 hours of database dry goods sharing! The "Redis, MongoDB, HBase Big Coffee Live Lecture Hall" technology live summit will be brought to you by 15 technical experts and product experts from Alibaba Cloud Redis, MongoDB, and HBase to bring you in-depth technology and product sharing. The main sections include the Beijing product launch conference on January 17, and the series of live technical lectures on January 19, 23, and 25. The Alibaba Cloud database team will combine offline and online to interpret the NoSQL product family in an all-round way. Tech fans don t miss it! Click to sign up.

Gather energy chat

what? Haven't you started using cloud computing?

Most of the people who come to our Yunqi community are definitely Alibaba Cloud users, but I believe that there must be more practitioners around you who have not yet started to go to the cloud. This time, we give these users who go to the cloud a chance, but I want to give those who have not yet gone to the cloud some opportunities. Speak out your worries and considerations about not going to the cloud, I will send you a free package invitation code! Click to view.

Forum Featured

Top 100 high-quality posts in the forum in 2017, see which high-quality posts you missed~

There are a large number of users in the forum who have worked hard to write their wisdom in words. Now, the top 100 articles of 2017 have been announced. Let us pay a 45-degree tribute to our technical predecessors. Click to view.

Reading recommendation

A Guide to "The Essence of the Linux Kernel: 75 Stunning Skills That You Must Know to Master the Linux Kernel"

The kernel is the core of the operating system, and the basic functions of the operating system are provided by the kernel. File generation and data packet transmission are also realized through the functions of the kernel. But these are not simple tasks. You may not be aware of it at ordinary times, but it does contain a lot of advanced technology. For example, in terms of file system, try to reduce disk scanning when configuring files. In terms of network, due to the large number of entries in the routing table, try to ensure a design that has less impact on the overall system when designing, click to view.

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