How to read technical books

How to read technical books

Scattered knowledge, public accounts, Nuggets and other second-hand knowledge platforms have seen a lot of them, but they have not changed much in their substantial improvement. Reading classic books is boring and unintelligible, and forget it after reading. I think this is the situation that most people face the same as me. When I realized the seriousness of this problem, I felt that there was a problem with my reading method, so I found a book "How to read a book" and sorted it out. Ways to read technical books.

There are several levels of reading

  1. Basic reading , able to recognize words, have the ability to logically relate between normal sentences, and understand the meaning of representations. Questions raised at this level: What does this sentence say?
  2. Examine and read , emphasize time, and complete a book within the specified time, even if it is a skimming, but there are also some parts that need to be read. This level will raise questions. What does this book want to express? What is the structure of this book? What kind of book is this?
  3. Analytical reading means careful reading, which is the kind of laborious reading. Successful reading requires the ability to ask many systematic questions about what you are reading, but it should be noted that most of the books are not worth such energy-intensive reading, so choose to cautious.
  4. Subject reading , read many similar books, and then compare.

View reading method

  1. A quick skimming finds that this book is not worth entering the next stage.
  2. Even if it is not worth it, it is not a loss
  3. Look at the title, subtitle, table of contents, and then at least look at the author s preface, abstract introduction and index
  4. Pick the most relevant topic, especially look carefully at the beginning and the end of the summary
  5. The summary at the end depends on
  6. If you don t, you should skip this stage, don t entangle, write it down, then skip it, and leave it to the second time to read this book
  7. The way to improve reading speed is to swipe over the text with your hand, your eyes will naturally follow the movement of your hand, and your hand should be as fast as possible. You will find that the reading speed has also increased

Analytical reading

Ask a question about the book

  1. What is the structure of the book
  2. What are the main points
  3. That part makes sense, which part is unreasonable?
  4. What is the relationship between the content of this book and the things around you

Take notes when reading! ! ! !

  1. Check and read faster, no need to take notes, just record questions