Very good team collaboration tool, impression team EverTeam for Mac

Very good team collaboration tool, impression team EverTeam for Mac

EverTeam is a collaborative office product launched by Evernote that focuses on efficient teams. The Evernote team is a solid step in Evernote's mission as the "second brain" of individuals and teams.

Features of the mac version of Impression Team

==Information management: efficient linkage between people and information==

[Large storage space, multi-modal file format]

-Unlimited storage space in database

-Upload traffic of 50G in the first month, additional 20G per member

Structured Information

-Multi-layer knowledge base structure, team information is clear at a glance

-Electronic paper office

Smart Search and Recommendation

-In-depth search for text in images, PDFs, and Office documents

-Intelligent recommendation of relevant notes, in-depth mining of information value

==Teamwork: The process and mechanism are flexible and configurable==

Various forms of efficient communication

-Share, publish, work group chat...easy information synchronization

-Dedicated team homepage and contact interface, breaking information islands

-Intelligent recommendation team "experts"

[Customizable workflow]

-Preset a large number of exclusive templates, which are highly suitable for business needs

-Support custom team template, custom working standard process

==Security management: easy management and control of permissions and content==

Personnel Management

-Invite members with one click to simplify the registration process

-Access log records, operations can be traced back

Content Management

-Unlimited review of the history of notes, one-click recovery by accidental deletion, protection of intellectual assets

-Resignation documents are permanently retained, making handover easier

-Batch delete, change label, share status, manage more worry-free

authority management

-Multiple administrator settings, easier management

-The status of internal sharing and external sharing is clear at a glance, and can be changed with one click

Customers can quickly satisfy by using "Impression Team":

[Paper data to the cloud] [Team collaboration online office] [Building a team cloud database] and other scenes

[HR] [Sales] [Customer Service] [Operation] and other duties

[Education] [Law Firm] [Financial] [Investment] and other industries with various needs

In order to lower the threshold for building a digital online office platform for an efficient team, the "Impression Team" provides permanent free services.