Technology Salon|Torture the security of smart contract technology, how to practice finance and the Internet of Things? (Shanghai)

Technology Salon|Torture the security of smart contract technology, how to practice finance and the Internet of Things? (Shanghai)

The blockchain implementation practice generally chooses Ethereum smart contract development, but the existing smart contract practice projects have many vulnerabilities in security.

After summarizing many digital currency theft incidents caused by smart contract vulnerabilities, we found that it is not the smart contract technology itself that has a problem, but a loophole in the actual writing. So how do we prevent risks in the actual development?

The Hiblock blockchain community organized the 6th blockchain technology salon sharing event in Shanghai on the afternoon of May 19th . For this event, we invited Shi Yimin, the author of the "Blockchain Programming Guide", to share common vulnerabilities of smart contracts. And programming security skills .

In addition to the sharing of technology itself, this salon also invited AIA Anda co-founder Lu Ruitao and technical director Xue Youxuan to share the practical application of blockchain in the Internet of Things and financial fields.

Participation in this event is free, and there will be a long table discussion after the 3 sharing sessions. Click to read the original text to register.


Event Details

Topic: Breaking the Game Landing and Development of Blockchain Technology

Time: May 19 (Saturday) 13:30-18:00

Location: No. 66 Huayuanshiqiao Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, 2nd Floor, Bank of East Asia Financial Tower Podium

Participation in this event is free and limited to 60 people. Click "Read the original" at the end of the article to sign up.


Share guests and topics

Topic 1: Technical Security and Vulnerability Prevention of Blockchain Smart Contract

Sharing guest: Shi Yimin

Author of "Blockchain Programming Guide", "Android Application Testing and Debugging Practice", "C# Programming Magic Book" (to be published)

Formed and led a 60-person development team to participate in the development of Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Office 2010 and other products.

Service customers include Xiangguang Copper, SAIC GM, Dingxin Group, Nu Skin China, Johnson Controls, Louis Vuitton and other well-known domestic and foreign companies.

Independent lecturer, providing IT programming technology development corporate internal training services for well-known companies such as HP, China Southern Power Grid, Desay SV;

Topic 2: The Road to Breakthrough of the Internet of Things + Blockchain

Sharing guest: Lu Ruitao, a famous talent

Co-founder and CPO Chief Product Officer of AIA Anda, member of the China Internet of Things Expert Committee, focusing on the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, blockchain, ecosystem and other fields, and has 3 industry patents.

Topic 3: The technology landing of blockchain in the financial field

Sharing guest: Xue Youxuan (brad)

Director of Financial Institution, 13 years of work experience in the Fintech industry; Focus on the financial and blockchain fields, participate in the design of equity crowdfunding projects; Participate in the development of the PBOC-led RMB banknote tracking system; lead the team to pass the first batch Domestic chip card equipment certification; led the team to pass the first batch of national secret encryption certification; banker magazine special article; financial electronic magazine several special articles.


Activity process

13:30-14:00 sign in

14:00-14:05 Opening and organizer introduction

14:05-15:05 Shi Yimin: Technical Security and Vulnerability Prevention of Blockchain Smart Contracts

15:05-16:05 Lu Xiucai: The Road to Breakthrough of the Internet of Things + Blockchain

16:05-17:05 Xue Youxuan: The technology landing of blockchain in the financial field

17:15-18:00 Long table discussion



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