Fully functional JAVA&.NET rapid development platform

Fully functional JAVA&.NET rapid development platform

I have been engaged in web development for so many years. UI has always been my pain. The first one I used was Ext, and the authorization fee was high. Not to mention that the front-end framework was really bloated, and it was so swollen that I needed to use the Chrome browser to run smoothly.

Then there is easyUI, which is lighter than ext, but also requires licensing fees for commercial use. It may be because I have a cleanliness habit. I always feel that the front-end framework is still a bit bloated and difficult to control.

Later, my front-end technology was too high. So I wrote a set of front-end framework based on jQuery. It has been refined by some projects. The compatibility is very good. It is much more streamlined than the general front-end framework, and also bid farewell to the cookie-cutter style. !

Because my backend is based on ASP.NET MVC, I later integrated the front-end and MVC, and added permissions management and some common functions to form a rapid development framework.

The free experience address and some screenshots are given below. I hope friends who are interested can get some inspiration.

Demo: www.yinmaisoft.com/

Main interface


Code generation


System Management


IM communication


Workflow engine