[] The time is advanced, the national service unlimited firepower, chaos 2019 experience service

[] The time is advanced, the national service unlimited firepower, chaos 2019 experience service

2019 unlimited firepower, chaos ahead of schedule

In the previous article, Dolphin told everyone that the League of Legends LOL national server unlimited firepower and infinite fighting time is October 29, but it is worth noting that the national server also has an experience test server, and the opening time of the new mode will be one earlier than the official server. week. So the final opening time of the national server unlimited firepower is:

  • Official national service: October 29, 2019
  • National Service Experience Service: October 22, 2019

At present, the Unlimited Firepower and Unlimited Brawl of the League of Legends China server have already started. When you enter, there are many people and you need to line up. Let's enter the game again during the off-peak period.

National Service Unlimited Firepower Experience Service Download


National Service Unlimited Fire Card Room

Regarding the problem of the unlimited firepower test experience service card room, there is no better solution for the time being. The card room requires you to log in to your account again and queue up again. Therefore, before starting the game, please follow the method provided by Dolphin. Although it cannot perfectly solve the problem of the unlimited fire card room in the League of Legends experience test server, it can effectively avoid the chance of the card room:

  • Method 1: Enter the game interface, first open a custom 5V5, and then open unlimited fire after the crystal is over
  • Method 2: Enter the game interface, let your classmates or friends pull you to play a game with unlimited firepower, and then you can play alone all the time, and you won t get stuck in the room if you don t form a team.

The premise of using these two methods is that you have not clicked the start game button, that is, you are not stuck. Dolphin personally recommends the second method, and the success rate is very high! Original: https://letogther.cn/file/1084.html