[Book dry goods] Multi-agent system

[Book dry goods] Multi-agent system

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This book provides an introduction to multi-agent systems. These systems are composed of multiple interacting agents. One agent is a computing entity, such as a software program or a robot, which is located in a certain environment and can act autonomously to achieve its design goals to a certain extent. .

This book is suitable for classroom teaching (undergraduate, graduate, graduate) and independent study, and can be used as a basic reference book for researchers and industry professionals. The main audience is students and teachers of artificial intelligence, computer science and information technology. Due to the multi-disciplinary nature of the multi-agent system, it can also be used as a basic text for readers in psychology, economics, sociology, and philosophy. Each chapter includes references, illustrations and examples, as well as exercises of different difficulty. The design of this book is self-sufficient and can be understood without additional materials.

Changes to the first edition. The first edition appeared in 1999. Since then, the field of multi-agent systems has been greatly developed. Some themes and themes that were characteristic of the field 12 years ago have only played a secondary role today, while some of the core themes today did not or only played a marginal role at the time. The second edition records all these changes. The unique concept and vision behind this book has not changed: to have a high-quality course book and reference book on multi-agent systems, all parts of these systems are written by recognized authorities in the field.

One of the main reasons why multi-agent systems have received widespread attention is that they are regarded as a supporting technology for applications that rely on distributed parallel processing of data, information, and knowledge in complex computing environments. With the advancement of technology, such applications are becoming the standard in various fields such as e-commerce, logistics, supply chain management, telecommunications, healthcare, and manufacturing. More generally, these applications are the characteristics of several widely recognized computing models, which are called grid computing, peer-to-peer computing, pervasive computing, pervasive computing, autonomous computing, service-oriented computing, and cloud computing. . Another reason for people's widespread interest in multi-agent systems is that these systems are regarded as a technology and tool that helps to analyze and develop interaction models and theories in large-scale human-centered systems.

The book is 920 pages, published by MIT Press. The book consists of 6 parts, as shown below:

  • Part I Agent Architectures and Organizations

    • 1 Intelligent Agents
    • 2 Multiagent Organizations
  • Part II Communication

    • 3 Agent Communication
    • 4 Negotiation and Bargaining
    • 5 Argumentation among Agents
  • Part III Basic Coordination

    • 6 Computational Social Choice
    • 7 Mechanism Design and Auctions
    • 8 Computational Coalition Formation
    • 9 Trust and Reputation in Multiagent Systems
  • Part IV Distributed Cognitive Abilities

    • 10 Multiagent Learning
    • 11 Multiagent Planning, Control, and Execution
    • 12 Distributed Constraint Handling and Optimization
  • Part V Development and Engineering

    • 13 Programming Multiagent Systems
    • 14 Specification and Verification of Multiagent Systems
    • 15 Agent-Oriented Software Engineering
  • Part VI Technical Background

    • 16 Logics for Multiagent Systems
    • 17 Game-Theoretic Foundations of Multiagent Systems

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