Ten industry leaders tell you, PHP technology and the future

10.industry leaders tell you, PHP technology and the future

**1. **** Why do we want to hold a technical conference?

Every programmer has asked himself a question at the beginning of his career plan: What kind of computer language should he specialize in? Is it the widely used C language, the underlying C++, the Java that is suitable for platform migration, or the efficient PHP?

After leaving the novice village, PHPer, who is tired of responding to new demands and busy fixing bugs, how to get rid of the "tool man" stage and where to see the best practices and development trends of technology?

"Listen to the king's words, win over ten years of reading." On December 5, the Smart Education National New-Generation Artificial Intelligence Open Innovation Platform united with educational technology companies to improve the future and open source the Chinese technology community. The top experts in the PHP field will be invited to the country. PHP developers and technology enthusiasts create a gluttonous feast of open source.

The first line of PHP code was knocked down by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994 and officially launched by the development team in 1997. After more than 20 years of development, it is now at the forefront of version 8.0. In 2001, the official PHP document wrote "PHP is the best language in the world", and this sentence has become a stalk that echoes the developer community.

Based on the above reasons, we want to hold the first PHP Open Source Technology Conference to let our PHPer from the front end to the back end of the entire technology stack, what new things are worth learning in the future.

2. What can you gain from this technology conference?

This conference invited a lot of heavyweights in the PHP and database fields. Countless enthusiasts have developed excellent products such as Yahoo, Facebook, Sina Weibo, Tieba, etc., which are used on the PC and mobile terminals, and the back-end language PHP of the App, which is still surpassing itself. At the conference on December 5th, Swoole founder Han Tianfeng , Alibaba Cloud MVP Chen Zongzhi , and PHP core developer Nikita from Germany will explain in detail what are the new features in PHP8.0 , the secret of PolarDB cloud native database kernel, and Swoole Industry heavyweight issues such as the future iteration direction of open source projects .

In the face of other languages emerging from the crowd, PHP is also improving its competitive advantage and gaining more possibilities for the future. Mr. Gao Chitao, vice president of Cloud Wisdom Technology, will bring ** "A Quick Overview of AIOPS Key Technologies for Intelligent Operation and Maintenance"** to help programmers get rid of the trouble of writing bugs.

Based on PHP's performance problems, Huang Zhaohui , the technical director of KK Group , developed the Hyperf framework . Based on this framework, for workplace programmers, it is not necessary to switch languages multiple times to ensure running speed.

This summit will also bring together PHP technology practical dry goods from leading manufacturers in education, e-commerce, video and other industries. For example, PHP containerization is a major development direction in the field. Good Future successfully solved the problem of peak data discrepancies in online courses with containerization. When the number of viewers enters the prime time and the transition from low traffic to peak traffic, containerization can be intelligently expanded, which is critical to ensuring the stability of online courses. Chen Chaofei, a senior expert on the future back-end, will bring a wonderful explanation of **"PHP Project Containerization Online Practice"**.

Of course, what this conference introduces is not only technological breakthroughs, but also the development enlightenment of personal lines. Teacher Qin Peng, a senior engineer from Tencent and the author of "PHP7 Kernel Analysis", will bring **"A PHP Engineer's Advanced Road"** to answer questions for PHPer.

This is a conference where big guys gather and brainstorm. More big guys speeches can be seen in the poster; this is also a PHP summit that continues to output technical dry goods from morning to night. You will have face-to-face exchanges with industry leaders about All aspects of PHP. In short, for engineers who use the PHP language, it must not be missed.

3. Is it worth participating in this conference?

The conference will be held in the form of OMO, online and offline simultaneously. Offline participation is 99 yuan , and online live broadcast is 9.9 yuan . In the industry, this is an ultra-low conscience fare for **"make a friend"**, but you will get a full experience of the technology summit. For the organizers and sharing guests, the original intention is to better promote the vigorous development of the PHP industry in China. At present, the registration channel has been officially opened, and registration can be made through the official website of the conference, open source China and other platforms.

You can not only communicate face-to-face with industry leaders at the event site, and open up more opportunities for cooperation. We will also prepare lunch for each attending audience, and there will be more exquisite theme souvenirs and on-site welfare draws to add to the event.

This is the first offline gathering of PHP technicians in the post-epidemic era. Technical partners from all walks of life are welcome to actively participate in drawing up a picture of the open source and open technology ecosystem.

4. Specific arrangements for the conference

Meeting time: December 5, 2020 (Saturday)

Venue: Beijing-Building 3, Yellow River Kyoto Conference Center

Official and registration entrance: oscon.edu.com