These 6 web development tools you must have

These 6 web development tools you must have

1. WebStorm

You can imagine how easy to use WebStorm, which is hailed as the "artifact of Web front-end development" by the majority of developers. It is the same source as IntelliJ IDEA, and it inherits the functions of IntelliJ IDEA's excellent JS part, and the experience is very good.

2. HBuilder

HBuilder is a development tool suitable for front-end use, and supports rapid development of HTML, CSS, JS, and PHP. It is characterized by the same encoding, the most complete syntax library and browser-compatible data. It can be used to quickly make mobile apps, and it also has features such as a green design that protects eyesight. It is also an artifact.

3. HttpWatch

HttpWatch is a full-featured web page data analysis tool. The prominent functions include web page summary, cookies management, cache management, message header sending/receiving, character query, POST data, catalog management function and report output, etc. In addition, it can collect and display in-depth information software, can display web page request and response log information while displaying web pages, and even display the exchange information between the browser cache and IE, integrated in the IE toolbar.

4. LivePage

LivePage is a free Google extension plug-in that can automatically refresh the page after making changes to local files, so you can edit HTML/CSS/JS files locally, and the browser will automatically refresh each time the file is saved. Otherwise, you usually need to spend a second to refresh, which is very troublesome.

5. Web Developer Checklist

This tool contains relevant information about usability, accessibility, SEO, code quality, security, etc. At the same time, the project links in each category can help check relevant information, which is a very useful web component.

6. Sublime Text

Sublime Text is a code editor and an advanced text editor for HTML and prose. It has some great features, such as mini maps, multiple choices, Python plug-ins, code snippets, etc. Fully customizable key bindings, menus and toolbars. And its main functions are: spell check, bookmarks, complete Python API, Goto function, instant project switching, multiple selection, multiple windows and so on.