A brief introduction to the graphics card mining machine, the hottest Ethereum mining at the moment

A brief introduction to the graphics card mining machine, the hottest Ethereum mining at the moment

The pattern of the graphics card market

The mainstream Ethereum mining machines are graphics card miners, and the graphics cards for Ethereum mining are nothing more than A cards and N cards. A card is the common name of AMD graphics card , and N card is the common name of Nvidia graphics card .

Let me briefly introduce the market structure of discrete graphics cards . At present, the most upstream manufacturers of discrete graphics cards are only AMD and NVIDIA . It is difficult for other third parties to survive in this field. The core GUP design of discrete graphics cards is monopolized by these two upstream manufacturers.

Of course, in addition to the two of them, there is another manufacturer that does GPU design- Intel (intel) , but what Intel does is a GPU that is integrated into the CPU, which is called a " core graphics card " and is not the same as an independent display.

The GPU chip design with the most technical content of discrete graphics cards is firmly occupied by AMD and Nvidia. In order to obtain greater production capacity and profits, the two major graphics card technology manufacturers process graphics cards into finished products, and sell them to downstream graphics card production. Quotient

The downstream relatively low-end graphics card manufacturing market presents a pattern of competition among many manufacturers. These downstream manufacturers take GPU chips and video memory from AMD or NVIDIA, and then design PCB boards, circuits, heat sinks, etc., and finally make finished graphics cards and paste them. Make a profit with your own trademark. There are many such graphics card manufacturers, and users have a rating of the graphics card manufacturers. Sapphire, Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, Dylan, Zotac GALAXY, Colorful and so on have good reputations. Of course, it is not a good reputation graphics card brand. All product models are good. The models generally recognized by users are generally high-end graphics card models.

Customized and assembled machines

Generally speaking, there are two paths to obtain a graphics card mining machine, one is to buy a customized machine, and the other is to buy a graphics card and platform assembly

Customized machines are also branded machines. At present, the more mainstream custom graphics card machines in the industry include Wolfshen mining machine , Xindong mining machine , and Panda mining machine. . The characteristic of the custom machine is that the mining machine manufacturer finds the graphics card processing manufacturer to produce the graphics card that meets their own requirements. This kind of graphics card generally only retains some functions necessary for mining, and other functions that are not related to mining will be castrated. This also causes this kind of graphics card to do other things except for mining. There is basically no residual value at all.

Of course, customized machines also have the benefits of customized machines, which are mainly reflected in two aspects

One of the advantages of the customized machine is that it has better stability, the operation and maintenance difficulty is basically the same as that of the ASIC machine, and the operation and maintenance threshold is lower and more convenient

In addition, some customized graphics card mining machines are about the same size as professional mining machines for mining bitcoin. For example, the B3 mining machine of Wolf God, such graphics card mining machines can get relatively cheaper electricity prices, which must be obtained from the mining farm. Speaking of the business model, the mining farm takes electricity from the power station in batches and sells it to the hosting users to earn the price difference. The more power consumption of each machine is managed, the more the price difference, the shorter the payback period of the mining farm. Compared with the Bitcoin mining ASCI mining machine, the graphics card machine not only has lower power consumption, but also has a general volume several times that of ASIC machines. Hosting such a graphics card machine will reduce the power consumption per unit of the mine. Graphics card machines will have price discrimination, and the electricity bill will be higher than that of ASIC machines. Some customized machines have the same size as ASIC machines. There is a chance to get cheaper electricity prices, which is more advantageous than larger assembled machines.


The graphics card miner Wolfshen B3, which is about the size of an ASIC miner

Assembled graphics card machines generally use normal graphics cards. Even if they are not used for mining, they can be recycled and used in other industries such as games. They have higher residual values. Assembled graphics card mining machines contain three main parts: graphics card, platform and power supply. , The platform integrates the motherboard, memory, hard disk, etc., and the graphics card on the platform is connected to the power supply to be able to mine


The volume of the assembly machine is larger than that of the desktop host

Compared with custom machines, the operation and maintenance of assembled graphics cards is more troublesome and requires more professional operation and maintenance personnel to manage

To summarize:

The customized graphics card machine, after continuous technical iteration and debugging by customized machine manufacturers, has more stable performance, more convenient operation and maintenance. The body is smaller, and it can get relatively cheaper hosting electricity prices. The customized graphics card only retains the functions required for mining , Other functions have been castrated, and there is basically no residual value at all. The assembled graphics card is assembled with a normal graphics card, platform and power supply. If the graphics card is not mined, it can be used in other industries and has a higher residual value. The stability of the assembly machine is relatively worse, and it needs more professional operation and maintenance personnel to manage the volume and the volume is larger. For this reason, a higher hosting price is required.

How to choose a graphics card mining machine After understanding the graphics card market and the two types of graphics card machines, should a miner choose a custom machine or an assembled machine? Should I choose A card or N card? You can make decisions from the following aspects

1. Static return cycle

The payback period is the most important indicator for choosing a graphics card. The payback period of the machine can be calculated according to the static daily output, power consumption, electricity bill, machine cost, and operation and maintenance costs of the machine. The shorter the static payback period, the better the static payback period. This week is affected by currency prices, the difficulty of the entire network, and network congestion. There are potential risks in calculating the return cycle based on static returns, and hedging can effectively reduce this risk.

Miners can choose whether they need hedging according to their own conditions and judgments. If miners want to obtain a certain legal currency standard income, hedging is a very stable choice. If miners judge that the currency price is in an upward channel in the medium and long term, they can choose Tuncoin

Mining machine residual value. The high residual value of the graphics card mining machine is a safety mat and an important part of the income for miners. This is a key factor that needs to be considered in graphics card mining.

If the return cycle is basically the same, the assembly machine has a higher residual value than the customized machine that has been castrated by function. Priority is given to the assembly machine.

If the comparison between the assembled machines is basically the same in the return cycle, try to choose the first-line graphics card brand with high performance and more recent release time. This type of graphics card has a higher residual value

If the comparison of various indicators is not very different, if you want to choose between A card and N, you are more inclined to choose N card. Relatively speaking, the N card can mine more currencies. If you don t mine Ethereum, you can have more Many choices

There are many brands of graphics cards. In the case of little difference in other conditions, it is recommended to choose a high-performance graphics card model with a short release time from the first-line graphics card brand


An incomplete list of first-line graphics card manufacturers for A and N cards

There are many factors that affect the price of graphics cards and they are very complicated. Introduce several common factors. For example, the release of new graphics cards will also affect the price of graphics cards. Just like the iPhone and other electronic products, the iPhone before the release of the new generation of iPhone will drop in price The most serious decline is often the next-generation products. This rule is the same on graphics cards as the release of a new-generation graphics card. Generally speaking, it has the greatest impact on the price of next-generation products. When choosing a graphics card, you need to pay attention to the release of new graphics card manufacturers. Plans, such as the RTX 30 series that will be launched soon in the middle of this month, are twice as fast as the previous generation but the price is equivalent. After the release of the 30 series graphics cards, the current 20 series graphics cards have fallen by about 30%.

In addition, the residual value of the graphics card will also be affected by supply and demand. After Ethereum is fully converted to PoS mining, a large number of graphics cards will inevitably be sold on the market, which will inevitably have a great impact on the residual value of the graphics card. Of course, the specific progress of Ethereum to 2.0 And the time point, it has not been determined that if the mining machine can dig steadily for two years, whether the residual value of the graphics card is used as a safety pad is not so important.

Operation and maintenance capabilities

Assembled graphics card mining machine operation and maintenance threshold is high, abnormal power outages and shutdowns, etc., may cause the assembly machine to malfunction. If you are mining by yourself and do not have this kind of operation and maintenance capability, the assembly machine is not recommended, if it is hosted in the mine selection machine At the time, try to choose a mine with graphics card mining machine operation and maintenance capabilities, and have the operation and maintenance capabilities of assembled graphics card mining machines. The essence of choosing a custom machine or an assembled machine becomes judging which machine to choose has higher returns and a shorter cycle.

Pay attention to memory capacity

When choosing a mining machine, pay special attention to the size of the video memory, especially the second-hand graphics card mining machine. A DAG file will be generated during the mining process of Ethereum. The mining process will always call and update this file. The file is increasing at a rate of about 520M per year. At the end of this year, the file size will exceed 4G. Miners with 4G video memory will not be able to mine, so miners with 4G video memory cannot be selected. It is best to choose a mining machine with a memory size of 6G or above. In addition, note that some mining machines indicate that the video memory size is 5G. The actual available space is only about 4.5G. This not only affects the mining life of the mining machine, but may even cause frequent appearance of the machine. malfunction


At present, it is a very good time window for the layout of Ethereum mining. How to choose the mining machine scientifically is a very important part. This will greatly affect the return cycle investment income of mining. The choice is mainly through the following aspects Graphics mining machine

First look back at this cycle of graphics card mining electricity costs are relatively low, there is a high margin of safety. When choosing a graphics card mining machine, first consider the return cycle, and select the graphics card mining machine with a short return cycle.

Combining mine operation and maintenance capabilities and hosting electricity prices to choose mining machines. This is mainly for small miners. Consider choosing custom machines or assembled machines in combination with hosting operation and maintenance capabilities and hosting electricity prices.

The residual value of the graphics card is an important part of the income and a safety mat. In the case of sufficient operation and maintenance capabilities such as the return cycle, choose a card with a higher residual value. Specifically, try to choose an assembly machine and high-end graphics cards of first-line brands , A card and N card tend to choose N card, pay attention to the video memory of the mining machine, choose a video card with a video memory size of 6G or more.