Remote desktop software that can build a relay server: RustDesk

Remote desktop software that can build a relay server: RustDesk

Another remote desktop software, the feature is that you can completely control it. Unlike TeamViewer and AnyDesk, it not only provides client-side desktop software programs, but also server-side programs so that you can set up your own cloud server and relay. Both personal use and business are free, without any restrictions.

Main features:

  1. Custom picture quality
  2. Encrypted direct connection, first try to make a hole and connect directly, then the server will forward it if it fails
  3. Built-in file transfer and TCP tunnel function
  4. Support self-built relay server

How to build a relay

1: Download the server-side software program

Download the server program at the link below.

There are two executable files:

  • hbbs-RustDesk ID registration server
  • hbbr-RustDesk relay server

Built on Centos7, tested on Centos7/8, Ubuntu 18/20.

2: Run hbbs and hbbr on the server

Run hbbs/hbbr (Centos or Ubuntu) on the server.

You need to run hbbr first, without any parameters;
then run hbbs:

hbbs -r <hbbr >

By default, hbbs listens to 21115(tcp) and 21116(tcp/udp), and hbbr listens to 21117(tcp). Be sure to open these ports in the firewall. 

If you want to choose your own port, use the "-h" option to view the help.

3: Set the hbbs/hbbr address on the client

Click the menu button on the right side of ID as follows, and select "ID/Relay Server".

Enter the hbbs host or ip address in the ID server input box, and enter the hbbr host or ip address in the relay server input box.